The Sikh viewpoint with regard to reincarnation is that we are reborn many times onto this earth. The continuum of birth, life, death and rebirth is governed by the universal principle of karma, the law of cause and effect wherein each individual’s every thought, word and action bears an equivalent result at some point in time.

The purpose of this human life is the spiritual evolution of the individual.

The world is a testing ground for the soul, wherein new relations are created and the individual becomes an actor in different plays.

Guru Nanak says: “After union, the separation comes and after separation the union. After living the span of life, the death comes and after death the life. He becomes the father of many and the son of many, the disciple and preceptor of many. Their lives in the past and future are countless. Nothing is known what was in the past and what will be in the future? (Salok Mehla 1, ang 1238, SGGS)

Trilochan, the Maharashtrian saint, has stated that the final desire at the time of death sets the basis of our next birth.

The journey of the soul is endless, unless it is freed, freed from ego.

Transmigration ceases with the exhaustion of desire. Desire (trishna) ceases when we meet the knower of Brahm-Giani and act according to his/her instructions:

“The fear of births and deaths ceases with the perfect knowledge imparted by the Perfect Being. We stray no more, our wanderings cease, on listening to the Praises of that One, saith Nanak.”

Gauri Sukhmani Mehla 5, ang 287 SGGS.