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Tue, 23 Jun 2009

There are many websites promoting the differences in religions, variety of definitions and aspects of spirituality, as well as those promoting secularised self-growth. is dedicated to providing access to practical resources to assist in the spiritual growth of individuals towards self-realisation. recognise Sikhism not as an objectified religion of rules and doctrine, but as a subjective mystical way of being totally integrated within oneself, practically and ethically contributing to society and the environment. launch programme includes the introduction of cutting research in a variety of fields such as consciousness studies, spirituality, feminine spiritual movements, meditation methods, emotional intelligence, gurmat ethics, environmentalism, co-creation, intention, quantum physics and co-creating. Other unique areas will include:-

Gurmat – as a therapy . Gurmat has a theory of the origins of suffering and offers a range of practises (as a lifestyle) designed to alleviate this condition, and it is specifically psychotherapeutic in that it sees the mind as playing a crucial role in this process.

Sikh Art – introducing Mandalas (Sanskrit for "circle" or "completion"), sacred geometry and symbols as practical tools towards cultivating deep spiritual meaning and representation of wholeness within one self.

Dhyan- Meditation. Guru Nanak provided the world with a sacred formula for self-transformation. Naam + Dhyan = Gyan (wisdom/understanding/realization) which in turn gives rise to Isnaan (transformation) will provide practical audio guided methods to cultivate Present Moment Awareness, Stress reduction and spiritual growth, life meaning and purpose and self-expression.

Mind – a detailed approach to the Sikh-world view of the Mind, which is now also being acknowledged by modern science in the fields of consciousness studies, Zen &the Brain as well as quantum physics. promises to bring a myriad of inspirational, informational and transformational resources
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