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Sikh means "to learn". Our mission is to offer a flowing and living account of Sikhi, or Sikh"ism" from the perspectives of new sciences in the fields of Consciousness studies, quantum physics, transpersonal psychology, positive psychology combined with inspired and transformative experiential practices, enabling you to experience a deep sense peace, joy, clarity and discover your authentic self.

To be a Sikh is to be free, Jeevan Mukt; free from the mental conditioning and slavery of society, religion, caste, creed or nationality, giving rise to profound inner peace, harmony and coherence, promoting positive self-growth and selfless boundless creative expression.

Sikhism is NOT a religion, but a way of Being. Sikhism is NOT MONOTHEISTIC, but closely related to Panentheism. From the Greek terms "pan", meaning all, "en", meaning within, and "theism", meaning God. Panentheism understands God and the world to be inter-related with the world being in God and God being in the world.

Sikh thought holds all existence as sacred, and man's ego as the disease that prevents man seeing and experiencing the divine reality. Ik Oankaar is the ultimate reality whose varieties of manifestation are the world of phenomena. "Phenomena" is anything that is or can be an object of consciousness. While phenomena changes, consciousness remains the same. The human is veiled in the illusion of ego.

Oankaar is not to be mistaken for the mental idol "God" worshipped by people, which is no more than the macrocosmic Ego of the human microcosmic ego. This simply creates "God" to be a word that calls an entity to mind, creating a subject/object duality and therefore denying the possibility of its experience.