Artist Profile

The artist, Harminder Singh, was born in Kenya and has always been interested in art. From an early age Harminder was drawn towards surreal and visionary art. Art lessons at school were a time for escapism during which art work in the form of surrealism was produced using various media available at the time.

In his formative years he was fortunate to meet a great master of Sikh spiritual art, the late Sobha Singh. He was commissioned to do a series of paintings for a local Gurdwara in the north east of England. It was after this encounter that Harminder became fascinated by spiritual art and he began to explore the meaning of spirit in art. This has been ongoing through his life.

Artists that have inspired Harminder during his journey include Indra Sharma, Salvador Dali, Alex Gray, Santoshi Matsuyama, to mention a few. His inspiration comes from the natural world and the spirit that inter-connects everything within it.


Guru Nanak Nihang Singh Nihang Singh Battling the Demon


The artworks shown in the gallery are available to purchase in various sizes on canvas, high quality prints as well as poster prints. Bespoke commissions are also catered for.

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